December 7, 2006 at 4:44 pm

Yes I had CIDP as measured by Protien in the spinal fluid and all other Symptoms and no Lesions in the CNS(brain) and later(2 YR) with all CIDP symptoms the same we found Lesions in the brain consistant with MS. I have been on Beta Interferon A for three years now and have no new Lesions in the Brain. Some reflexes are returning but most symptoms remain. I remain hopeful that the MS thing is under controll and I can make it with the rest of the stuff.
Seems like what ever causes the Meylin (oloi’s) to be destroyed can enter either peripreal or and CNS.
I function frairly well but since my CIDP came only up to my waist (eyes also) I can get around on my own. I had cancer also and that causes more problems. Oh The CIDP/MS is into my Blood pressure regulating system and causing more havock. Ah well we all carry some rocks.
Bill W


November 15, 2006 at 9:17 pm


I definitely has an asymetric variety of CIDP called Lewis Sumner Syndrome, or MADSAM. When I had a spinal tap, it was found that I have well-defined oligoclonal bands in my spinal fluid, which are not present in my corresponding blood sample. This is a finding consistent with MS, and these are probably the proteins you refer to. However, I do not have MS – no lesions on the central nervous system. I do have completely absent reflexes in upper and lower extremeties. However, my CSF protein count has never been higher than 53. I also would urge an NCV/EMG test. There are people, like me, and maybe you – – who don’t fit the typical clinical pictures.

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October 4, 2006 at 12:40 pm

I’ve been diagnosed with an asymetric multifocal variant of CIDP for 3 years, which has essentially been confirmed by two teaching universities and Mayo Clinic. It has been somewhat refractory to treatment. My protein count on two LP’s has been only modestly raised, in the low 50’s. However, on my most recent LP, they also ran an MS panel, which uncovered well-defined oligoclonal bands in CSF which were not found in the corresponding blood sample. This is sugeestive of MS, although all NCV’s etc. point directly to peripheral demyelination, conduction block and axonal damage.

The positive O-band results did not compel any doctor look any further into possible MS. So, maybe the lines between all these CIDP variants and MS are kind of blurred. I had a brain MRI over a year ago that was crystal clear, but my absent reflexes, etc. are not indicative to MS. My treatments have been IVIG, high volume Solumedrol, plasmapheresis, and now back to IVIG and just started CellCept. Plasmapheresis helped me to halt a very severe episode earlier this year, and thus far, the renewed IVIG and now CellCept seem to be holding the homeostastis.