Chinese Thoroughwax

May 20, 2011 at 1:51 am


Sorry – I mistyped this one. What I am preparing to try is Chinese Thoroughwax.

My neuropathy is strange. It effects the autonomic nerves that control vasodilation and constriction in my hands and feet. My heart is also effected. During the day, when my sympathetic nervous system is dominant, my extremeties are very cold and stingy. Insufficient blood flow. Then in the evening, when my parasympathetic nervous system takes over, my extremeties become burning not (~99 F) especially when I stand up. If I put pressure on the bottom of my feet, it is as if it signals my feet to explode with blood. When this happens, I can only walk a few steps and I must sit down and cool my feet off with water.

My neuro tells me that autonomic nerves are usually non myelinated but that autoimmunity can attack those nerves as well as motor nerves. My sense of fine touch and temperature sensation are unimpaired. My strength and reflexes are unimpaired. But the condition is painful.

Do you know anyone that has something similar?