Chinese thoroughwax; aka bupleurum, hare’s ear and chai-hu

May 20, 2011 at 2:42 pm

Yes, I can see why you would want to try this.

“…[I]In laboratory tests, saikogenin [/I](one of the components of the herb) [I]has shown potent anti-inflammatory properties, which recommend it for treating disorders in which inflammation and swelling are problematic. Saikogenin has been shown to increase the effectiveness of cortisone drugs, which are pharmaceutical steroids prescribed for arthritis, asthma, inflammation and other conditions. Bupleurum significantly increased the action of the cortisone drug prednisone in some lab tests. Another benefit of bupleurum is that it has been shown to protect the adrenal glands from the damaging effects of cortisone drugs…[/I]”

From- [url][/url]

However more than one reference site said it is usually used in combination with other herbs. If you’ve found a well trained Herbalist, you’re probably in good hands.

From the (Chinese) perspective of lowering body heat you could also focus on avoiding any fast food fried food, high heat oven baked goods and home cooked high heat oily food. How do I know? My Chinese wife told me so.