Caregivers have it too

May 17, 2007 at 1:48 pm

I guess you could call it a form of Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Sometimes out of nowhere I will remember a ton of details about everything that was happening during that week before nate was diagnosed, watching how sick he was, not being able to move, then breathe and going downhilll fast.
Then watching him be put in ICU and having to have Plasmapheresis, being hooked up to all kinds of tubes and wires and monitors.
His brother and I were so incredibly scared, all we could do was cry, watching him be so sick and so close to death.
Even the nurses told me they were very afraid for him.
Just remembering all of it makes me cry, even now.
Its still a long haul and its sometimes hard for me to relax, but things are looking ok and I think they will get better and better.
I’m sure its the same with you being the person it all happened to.
When you think of how far you have come, it should help. I know it helps me feel better.
It might also help you more if you had a professional to talk to about it. They’re trained, I’m not.
Trudy, natesmom