August 18, 2008 at 10:44 pm

LindaH , No wonder you are tired but maybe that does help you sleep. Of course washing 6 sets of sheets and towel for 7 and cleaning after everyone is gone , I stay awake like tonight to catch up on e-mails , paying bills, and reading paper I never got to read in the last few days and I do not have cidp.

So to all of you who keep going I honor you for your guts, and hope someone will find a cure for these diseases.

Husband will go for plasma phersis tomorrow then Wed to cardiologist to see results of his stress test. He has not seen a cardiologist since we left Ohio 3 years ago and finally agreed to go. So we both have a very busy week before leaving. He has a stent from 9 years ago and I have been worried about the life of it,etc. He also needs 3 wisdom teeth out which we will check with this Dr. Levin at Cleveland on all these things. Any other suggestions out there for questions please respond.

The only time he has shown any improvement after any kind of treatment has been this plasma phersis. We told his neur his tremors in legs which ended in his falling every day had ended. But as soon as we left and went to get something for supper it happened 2 more times. Does that mean the treatment is due?

I always felt if the neuro had agreed to do ivig closer than 6 weeks apart that might have been something that could have helped him. I did ask if Medicare is going to take care of this as I thought it was mostly for gbs. and he said definately.

Has anyone from this site gone to Cleveland Clinic in Ohio for a 2nd treatment besides us.
Thanks for listening.