Ca Dmv

November 8, 2007 at 11:43 am

Hi Udaman:

I have CIDP and after a severe episode I was left unable to drive. After many months of recovery I was ready to try and get back behind the wheel. Here was my process – I also live in California:

First, I went through an evaluation at a local hospital that offers a driving rehabilation program. This took about four hours, wherin my strength, limitations, vision etc. was evaluated. Then, a car was setup with the recommended adaptive equipment (in my case full-hand controls and spinner knob) and I went out driving with an instructor. When I proved I could drive safely with these modifications, they gave me a one-page certificate that was also sent to my doctor. This cost about $275.00

Then, I bought the hand controls and they were installed, and I was back to driving again. For reference, my doctor never reported to DMV that I should not drive, I just stopped driving when I became so disabled.

About 8 months later I received a normal license renewal letter from the DMV. The renewal notice asks if you previously have been unable to drive because of illness. I of course disclosed YES on the renewal notice. About two weeks after mailing in the renewal form I was sent a series of forms seeking more detailed medical information for me and my doctor to fill-out. Then, I was forwarded to the DMV re-examination department to meet with them and discuss the data, etc. I also took a written DMV test at that time.

Then, I was sent to take driving test, which I passed easily. My driver’s license was amended with several restrictions – Must have hand controls, spinner knob, and must wear corrective prism lenses to correct double vision. The DMV will re-examine me every few years.

All-in-all, it was pretty easy. Hand controls cost about $900.00 installed, if you need them.

Best of luck to you.