bladder control

November 22, 2007 at 8:48 pm

Guitarman had the same problem.That was his first sign of GBS.His bowels also quit. He had to be on strong laxitives to get them to work. He had a catheter for about 14 days,before and while he was in ICU. When we went to the rehab. hosp. they removed it and cath. him about every 4-6 hr.,trying to ‘wake’ his bladder up. This went on for 3 wks. The day before he was discharged it started working! Thank God! They had trained me how to do it as he was unable to anything else on his own. What we have read and heard from other people,no one’s recovery time is the same. There is always hope. We know this is very flustrating,things seem to work so slow. Hang in there!
guitarman’s wife