Big Problem has come up

March 10, 2010 at 11:36 pm

Today received notice from landlord. Big plans for major renovation in my unit.
Going to send Hydro personnel on Friday to test with ‘blower’ for air losses around windows and doors. Planning on a long list of very troublesome renos in my unit on all 3 floors, removing insulation, installing more insulation, removing toilet, installing new toilet. Want me to move all my major appliances (full freezer, washer, dryer) 4 feet away from the walls, move all my shelves, etc in basement 4 feet away from walls, climb up onto top bunk bed to move all items off so they can go up above trap-door into the attic to change insulation there too. Want to install fluorescent lighting.

Last time they did reno in bathroom, they removed moldy insulation and tiles, which filled my unit with mold, made me terribly ill, causing me to need to be rehoused for 3 weeks. Big mess when I got back; took a long time to get well.
Allergies and asthma and heart were affected that time. That was before GBS.

What am I going to do??? Can’t even use fluorescent lighting because my eyesight and skin is intolerant to it due to almost 20 years on corticosteroids.
The UV lighting causes immediate hives and skin rashes and darkening vision.
Can’t lift or move heavy furniture and appliances; can’t balance on ladder to move stuff off the bunkbed so they can access the attic. Can’t handle the insulation fibers, molds, dust, caulking compounds. It’s winter, and can’t even open the windows. The kitchen fan is not working to remove fumes.

And what about my employment? Can’t teach music with noise, dust, people and illness. What is the matter with these people? The forms state that they are going to save money with all of these energy-efficient measures because they want to help us low-income people in our low-income housing units, but I know that my health can’t take this. My heart and lungs and general health at this time just can’t deal with it.