BEFORE I got this? …

January 26, 2011 at 8:10 pm

While working full-time? I could read five books/novels a week! Since my ‘onset’, I’ve only been able to read very short magazine articles and take them in [with lots of effort] for about 1/2 of what I can read at first on a ‘puter screen. Something in my ‘brain’, when I plain old read paper print? Does not connect anymore! It is one of my permanent losses that I realize I cannot regain. That there are computers and screens which I CAN take in information? Is something I am truly grateful for. But….if you ask any neuro about this? They will think you are nutso! One of those ‘anecdotals’? Tastes, sights, smells, and temperature things’ that seem to randomly ‘occur’ for no reason other than it’s IN YOUR MIND! NOT! There is no good ‘repository’ to collect such information as docs don’t report these things, and therefore while they mite be common? They likely are not, but maybe key to aspects for future diagnostics.
About books tho? There are ‘on-line’ books and audio books as well, they mite help you get thru it all.
As far as [B]SEEING?[B][/B][/B] Do your absolute best to improve your vision for daily and better uses! Document your changes! I’d had wildly varied changes prior to my onset…IF anyone could have used this info to connect dots? I’d have given it to them! But NOT ONE DOC ASKED! At least? You have RECORDS to prove that some additional aspects of your life had changed in addition to your nerves going off course!
Hugs and hope! Don’t give up ever!