baritin is not existing cure,dont buy !!!

January 17, 2008 at 3:42 pm

It’s about this firm – Berlin Homeo Products -seling homeopathyc medicine witch can help for different things and I wanted to buy Baritin witch is for Guillain Barre syndrom for my mom , and I wrote several e mails but no one answered so I got suspecious and start doing my resurch on the net and I got her where a people was talking about other similar sites I checked dem out and BANG their are totaly look a like and the persones who have been cured are the same :
Mark – NY
Jessie – California and
Betty Florida
what’s the odds on this one !!!!
There are the sites , so judge your selv and watch out !! I ‘ m happy I didn’t jump on this one.
here are they:
ps. there are probably more out there not existing cure WATCH OUT GUYS
This is a copi from