Ask your cardiologist too

January 11, 2011 at 6:31 am

I had one neurologist recommend IViG for me and another caution me to go slow because of the possibility of having a heart attack due to stent implantation, number (7 total) and location. I would make an appointment with my cardiologist for his/her input. I also would want the cardiologist and neurologist to converse on same. General input (post) to me was to orally hydrate a lot for either IViG or SiG. One poster did mention using saline and/or Ringers before the infusion. I also believe the number of stents and location is a factor, hence getting your cardiologist’s input. My stents are in the arteries to my heart. These arteries are not big or huge as some believe. I have 3 stents in my left anterior descending (LAD) artery, this is also called the widow maker (guess why). 1 of these stents is near a bifurcation (split or why). The LAD artery is about 2.5 mm in diameter. I have 2 more in the circumflex artery. This small circumflex artery is behind the heart, although important, it’s not called the widow maker. The remaining stents are located in larger heart arteries. Restricting (thick blood) or worse stopping (blood clot) the blood flow to any heart artery is not a good thing, doing it in the LAD is a very BAD thing. This is the reason for my concern in my particular case. In either event, I am not a doctor nor do I know your particular situation. I think it wise to involve your cardiologist in this and ANY condition involving blood vessels (IViG) or circulation changes (Saline thinning). This is just my opinion (JMO). 🙂