Another Month has gone by

December 1, 2008 at 7:32 pm

Well I cant believe it is now December. If anyone would have told me back on July 8th (when mom went into hospital) that we would still be in the hospital in December I would not have believed it. Mom is doing well. She is still on the Trach. She cant tolerate the speaking valve or button yet very well. They cant figure why. Her vocal cords on her left side are not working well yet but the Dr. cant figure why she can tolerate the button and speaking valve sometimes and other days she cant tolerate it at all. She has a lot of anxiety over her breathing and is very nervouse when they try to button her. Her hands are working very well. She can move them and touch her face but her coordination is not all there yet. She is able to move her legs and feet a little bit but not very much. She had a very down week last week. She cried a lot and was very emotional. I think with the holidays she is having a hard time. Nobody goes into the hospital and thinks that 5 months later they will still be there. She wants to come home but at the same time is very scarred. She does rehab and physical therapy every day but hates every minute of it. We are still praying for Christmas to have her home. Thanks for all the support again.