Amaxed !!!!

July 21, 2008 at 9:28 pm

Because I am pretty new, I had not opened this thread yet and I have just read 63 Pages this afternoon. All I can say is wow! If I did not already know this world has beauty everywhere-even in a simple flower, to all the animals and all the children-everything has been beautiful to see and sometimes hilarious to read. Especially, Ken, your ist person cat story and, Terry, your bears-I am still laughing. BUT I have learned about Allaug’s camera and three ways to post pics-I didn’t find an answer how to look at the pics with a red X? And after 63 pages, I have to say that Ken, I loved the pic of the lion best-held my breath looking at it’s beauty and felt like if I moved it would have had me for supper. Looking forward to reading page 64. Thanks for a wonderful journey in pics today everyone. Emma