A couple of examples……

May 12, 2008 at 11:54 am

Good morning all,

I can’t remember the details – I say that alot – but I recall something about a soccer game in South America where an official/goalie had made a call/missed a goal – and after that, they were hunted down and killed by the local townspeople. 😮

Second, I sat in Court yesterday (working) and watched an elderly man have to be instructed he was not allowed to smoke in the Courthouse. He argued that he would do anything he wanted to do – “cause he was short on time, due to his emphysema and lung cancer” Meanwhile the bailiff escorted him out.

While ALL of this was happening, he was wearing a nasal cannula carrying a small bottle of oxygen that pumped oxygen in small consistant puffs, with a lighted “smokie treat” hanging out of his mouth, coughing up (and spitting) phlegm all over the Courtroom. 😡

I remained at my seat, quietly recording every word on my transcriber..thinking – Are you kidding me? :confused: