5 o clock

July 21, 2006 at 5:07 pm

Yay, its 5 o clock on a friday I say drink up. The band will sound a whole lot better if u do..
I’ll start with a dark beer. Don’t won’t to git wound up tight too early! Its so early the wimin ain’t here yet. Most of em have jobs.. good for their husbands i say.
Thanks Jer, awww man that taste good. Nothing like a cold beer when the heat index is over a hundred. Screw the electric company. I’ll prolly have to send them a IOU next month. Goan have to git walkin better soon, won’t be able to afford gas… Am I in the right room?.. hehe It don’t matter I reckon. Liz follows me wherever I go…
Have a drink Liz, on me. I luv u too baby..*blows a kiss to Liz*
Heee Hawww
Blind Friday