July 18, 2008 at 10:56 pm

Hey Terry-is that like called moonshine? Otherwise if it is 190 proof-I’ll take two. I have been awake for 3 hours, 40 minutes-a new record for the last 2 days. I want to stay awake for Toby. All the girls are allowed on the deck, well you guys can join us, but Jim has a cool bar-hard to decide which place to sit at-Toby does like the girls though, so maybe he’ll be croonin more to us.:) OK- I’ll set the stage for the deck tonight and someone else do tomorrow, etc.-Tonight it is balmy, nice breeze, and the stars are out in their glory surrounding a full moon–ok, let’s party. I am DONE crying and sleeping and need some of Terry’s 190’s and then if I am still standing, I’m switching to something fruity, maybe a tavern or two. Hey Jan, you home from work yet? Never got that PM, probably went into cyberspace. Tell that hubby of yours, to wait on those calves until you are done at the tavern. Hey, I’ll come up and help you load em in-that otta be a great pic-two loonie ladies singin and loadin and laughin. I’m starvin, so is pizza ok? Gotta quick have some real food before Norb gets back here with that fish. Yuck!!!:D Emma