1500’s post

July 28, 2008 at 4:43 pm

I thought I was #1500 to post at the tavern, but Veronica was. Congratulations old bat.

Old bat, 😮 is that our HUNK? Hey, JanB, you and I can replace him in a heartbeat. Geez, when Norb comes to, he’ll take a look at that mug and grab that Stoli’s and upend the bottle and really pass out again. Geez, maybe I better find me a really strong drink-maybe he will look better-forget it, I see two of everything, and he is definitely not the kind of face I want to see two of.

Neil just sang at the tavern, but he had so much fun, I’m sure he’ll come back with just a please? from me…..

Julie your breakfast was delicious…and a swim in our pool was wonderful!!

Geez Jan,, you worked some magic with the Beach Boys-two nights in a row of beach surfin music. OK gals, get your surf boards ready-we’ll see how many can fit in the pool.

Hope you have fun on your holiday Jan.

Time for a second helping of blueberries and coffee.