Reply To: Newbie here: CIDP and Covid-19 question

July 24, 2022 at 5:22 pm


Thank you for the reply. I know of most all of those treatments.  I appreciate your concern and taking the time to suggest these.  You wrote me in the spring under topic ” Help IVIG not working post covid 19 ” in Main forum.

As I tried to express above in my reply to David,  cant get a Doc here to consider anything but IvIg as main tx and rx drugs for symptoms like lyrica, gaba, cymbalta, effexor, nortryptaline, alpha lipoic acid, B vitamins, medical mmj, PT, ….THEY JUST WONT DO IT !  Maybe medical legal fears, Age, indifference, the beating the NYC hospitals took during covid. The CIDP MD heavy hitters, that were younger and more pt. focused, that were mine and wonderful, left practicing for biotech pharma in 2020.What has happened since is above in detail, summary, I cant get a new doc to take me after they get voluminous record.  I am considering making an appt with new ref., not sending record, just electro reports,  explain situation, and if IVIG is all they will consider, I wont even send record.  They all know each other and dont want to agree or disagree with a colleague.  SMH

Thank you again. You are a wonderful kind person. I wish I was in LA, I  telemed w Richard Lewis Cedars Sinai. He had many Ideas. Knows my doc, said to demand he consider alternatives at next appt. Did not go well. Tried to get appt with different doc here Lewis suggested. He is not taking new pts. Refd me to another, did not want the case.   Chasing my tail.