Reply To: Multiple vaccines at the same time?

December 21, 2021 at 12:28 pm

In the past year, I have had the second pneumonia (Prevnar13), Shingrix, the Quadravalent flu vaccine, and two doses plus a booster of Moderna COVID vaccines. My GBS is now more than 7 years since onset and I do have residuals. Both my GP and neurologist said that I could take multiple vaccines at the same time. As it turned out, due to scheduling and vaccine availability at my local pharmacy and the Dr office, all three of the recent ones (Prevnar, Shingrix, and booster) were spaced about 2 weeks apart. I experienced no side effects other than the well known ones from Moderna.

You should rely on the advice of those medical professionals who know your complex medical history the best. If you do not have one, find a good neurologist who has dealt with GBS and get their opinion.

As to your question about being more likely to have another bout of GBS; our immune systems have malfunctioned once, so they could again. I do not know the statistics on those with two onsets of GBS, but perhaps it has been studied somewhere. After 7 years and uneventful recovery from several colds, I have more confidence that not every infection will send me down that path again.

I had “profound” involvement from GBS and was only able to blink my eyes when at my worst. Even given that, I welcomed the vaccines. I have seen shingles in my grandmother, my mother, and my mother – in – law. Pneumonia and COVID have taken the lives of many more than die from GBS and shingles can be horrible.

There is perhaps no perfect solution and everything involves risk. If you are worried about a new onset of GBS, perhaps waiting on the non-flu and non-COVID vaccines until some pressure is off ER and ICU units in your local hospitals could be considered. Again, advice from a medical professional who knows your entire history and health status can be very valuable.

I wish you the best whatever your decision.