Reply To: Permanent muscle atrophy/wasting after GBS

September 9, 2021 at 12:06 am

As far as for telling the difference between a CIDP related weakness and muscle atrophy, CIDP weakness (Myelin damage) is usually accompanied by tingliness, numbness, and unusual sensations like zingers, crawliness, sometimes itching. Muscle weakness without these associated symptoms is less likely to be CIDP, but not everyone has the same experiences with this disease.

There are many discussions about supplements in these forums. Here are a few that might be helpful:

Alpha lipoic Acid

Vitamins and supplements for CIDP

Nerve Regeneration Protocol

Deficiencies of vitamins B12 (Methylcobalamin 5000MCG) and D3 (125MCG, 5000IU) have also been known to be involved with CIDP-related muscle atrophy and some members have cited taking such supplements as helping improve their condition. More info here: