Reply To: Covid 19 Vaccine

February 18, 2021 at 10:40 am

I had full blown GBS in 2004, put me in a wheel chair. Was back to work in 4 months but still have minor issues from GBS to this day – leg pain/discomfort. All during 2020 I ask every doctor I met – even in the ER getting my finger stitched I asked about the Covit-19 vaccines, taking it with my GBS background. They had no real answer, no data, no info – all said to put off the vaccine until someone else with a GBS history tried it.

Not much choice. We get Covit-19 and then deal with that + it triggering a second GBS episode? Sounds fatal to me. Take the vaccine and maybe it triggers a second GBS episode? Ok, I lived through that once. I know the symptoms and can get into the doc faster than last time.

On that note, I had my first Pfizer dose 21 January and not one single issue. Second dose was a week ago on Feb 11 and no issues at all.

Well one issue – I have a smile on my face now when thinking about this subject!

If my condition changes – I will pop in here and update.