Reply To: Medicinal Marijuana and CBD Treatments

February 1, 2021 at 10:46 am

Hello everybody

Short description about my CIDP:
Got diagnosed with GBS in the first place in 2001 being 11y old, what 19y later turned out to be CIDP when the second wave showed up and is still here in a mild form.

I have just recently experimented with the usage of CBD-ONLY oil and experienced following things:

After 1 week:
– No regular lower back pain
– No regular headache

After 2 weeks:
– Numbness in feet completely vanished for the first time after 13 months straight
– Hands not shaking anymore for the first time in 20y
– Muscles / parts of my body which i wasn’t able to controll or wasn’t aware of it even being possible, were accessible for the first time in 19y

After tellin my Neurologist about my findings of course he asked what I did / changed in the ScIg medication
and I told him that the ScIG medication is the same but I added CBD Oil.
He instantly admitted to it and encouraged me to go on with it since he admitts to the effect of CBD in generall.

What I used:
10% CBD Oil / <1% THC

How i dosed it:
2x 4 drops a day (morning/evening)

I did not experience any “issues” during the day, when taking it in the morning.
I drove my car and did everything without any issues, since it is legal in Switzerland anyways.
Yes, I tested it first with walking / running / sports and can confirm that it doesn’t affect the psyche in any kind of way with this dose.