Reply To: GBS without treatment ?

October 18, 2020 at 7:24 pm

Hi Jon. Thanks for your reply, and sorry for my late response. How it`s going for you now ?
My father have recovered a lot more after 1 year from onset. He is able to walk without support for about 100-150 meters concentrated and at a medium speed, until his legs starts to get tired and he loses a little of his balance. Almost everyday he is bewildered in random moments and he feels a strange phenomenon when he walks. His says that his foot fatigue climbs up to his head, strange. Usually in the evening he feels better.
Last month we had a EMG which showed an improvement in CMAP (lower latency, higher amplitudes, etc) and the neurological examination was good.

Although hand reflexes appeared half a year ago, those on the legs are still abolished, but there is no question of CIDP, says the neurologist.

Another strange symptom that still persists is that after walking or after doing kinetotheraphy with me or even in random moments is that his legs starts to feel tensed especially in the calves. He is not feeling tingling or numbness.
Have you anyone experienced this kinda of symphtoms ?

Thank you and I hope the best for all of you !!!