Reply To: Are my symptons CIDP related or other

July 30, 2020 at 6:27 pm

Good Day,

Just a follow up on the thread since I started. I finally had another appointment with my doctor. We went over all test results from my spinal tap. The only thing was my CSF protein was slightly elevated around 67, normal range (at least online) is between 40-60. So not sure if that is a strong enough indicator or not. She ordered an EEG, which came back normal, and tested by Type 1 Diabetes. That came back negative, She ordered a Brain MRI and drew blood to check my IGa levels.

She wants to start me on IVIG to see if my symptoms improve, and narrow down my condition to Autoimmune or other. My IVIG starting dose is 0.4grams/kg daily X 5 days. So I figure around 250 grams over the week. Not sure where that lies in terms of large or normal starting doses.

She also referred me to an ENT to make sure my symptoms were not being caused by Meniere’s Disease. I have that appointment this coming week. In my last appointment, she ruled out MS and ALS, which was good to hear, but she isnt sure what is causing my issues.

Again thanks to everyone who has commented and hope every one is staying safe!