Reply To: CIDP causes osteoporosis

June 12, 2020 at 10:38 am

I have never taken steroids for CIDP. Only IVIG. Below is a quote from a 2018 report in the Neurology medical journal. This study found that CIDP patients who developed osteoporosis actually took LESS steroids. Steroids were apparently not a factor.

“CIDP patients with osteoporosis were older than those without and, interestingly, both cumulative prednisolone dose before the BMD measurement and average daily dose of oral prednisolone within 1 year from the measurement of BMD were significantly lower in osteoporotic patients than in non-osteoporotic patients. There was a significant inverse correlation between both BMD and T-score and the worst modified Rankin Scale score within 3 years of the BMD measurement. This emphasizes the importance of underlying disease process versus corticosteroid use as the most important risk factor for developing osteoporosis in CIDP.

This study highlights the importance of BMD studies and osteoporosis evaluation in the comprehensive evaluation of patients with CIDP.”