Reply To: Possible CIDP

June 12, 2020 at 10:03 am

I have to agree to Jim-LA.
GBS proceeds differently than what you describe.
It has a ascending phase – plateau phase – decending phase.

From what you describe, it might be a form of CIDP, the chronical form of GBS which proceeds fluctuating.

I’ve had GBS years ago and have been diagnosed with CIDP a couple of months ago.
It started rapidly progressing end affected sensing, agility and strenght, which now after treating it with IVIG decreased to fluctuating sensing.

To sort it out, there’s no way around MRI and liquor testing.
None of it is fun but the MRI in combination with the liquor testing are a strong base to rule out a lot of neurological issues. Whatever it is, after these two tests, there will definitely be some clarity.