Reply To: SCIg after IVIG

May 16, 2020 at 1:52 am

I was on Privigen every 2nd week for 18 months then move to Hizentra SCIG. You do have lumps until your body moves the fluid on, the very small needles are subcutaneous which means the fluid is injected between the skin and flesh layer over time you developed what is called a pocket between the two layers which is harmless.
I wish I was able to continue on this, but I have a crazy immune system I developed a large red rash around the sites and belly button. I went back on to Privigen, which I had an allergic reaction, so now I have to have antihistamines before each infusion and two aspirin due to it increasing my blood pressure during the infusion. The neurologist and hematologist say I am a rare species or their problem child 😉
That’s me, but I have heard a lot of really good experiences and happy people just like harryswope