Reply To: CIDP cause – surgery & implants

April 5, 2020 at 11:20 am

I’ve often believed implants was one of the reasons for my CIDP. I’m sure other women had this done but not as often as I went in 2016. I had gone repeatedly to have fillers in my face for a once in a lifetime reunion. After many trips to the doctor, I questioned myself about the safety.
About 2 months later I got a flu shot and a tetanus shot at one time. A month later was my trip.

IMMENSE stress for many years of being caretaker for my mother had me in poor mental health.
During the flight home from the trip, i had the worst cold that lasted 2 weeks. Then a UTI. My legs were weak but I thought it was from being in bed for 2 weeks with the cold.

When I think back to my trip, I remembered the day I hiked Diamond Head with difficulty. It shouldn’t have been such a big struggle because I live in Colorado and hike.

I believe the stresses from my mother and frequency of fillers started a little something. Then the bad cold w/fever and UTI did me in.

In short, yes, I believe implants or surgery can cause it. (I had been getting fillers and botox once a year prior to this with no problem).