Reply To: Tell me about plasma exchange

March 10, 2020 at 10:17 pm

Hi Chirpy, my last Rituximab infusion was Sep 2016. I have had no treatments of any kind since. Nor have I had any CIDP related symptoms return since 2014. So it definitely put my CIDP into remission. Many doctors would consider CIDP cured after 3 years without any recurring symptoms. But as we know, not everyone recovers in the same way.

I had no long-term side affects from Rituximab, only some short-term issues as I explained in my thread here:

Since Rituximab is “Chimerick” (a mix of human and mice cells) a few people might respond negatively because of the half life of 3 months. But this is rare.

Good luck in whatever treatments you decide to go with.