Reply To: 6 Years Post GBS

February 4, 2020 at 3:51 pm

I just came back from visiting my brother in Venezuela. This month will be two years since he was affected with the syndrome with very little movement recovery.
In October 2019 I saw a Ted talk from doctor Terry Wahls about how she got out of Multiple Sclerosis by changing mainly her nutrition . I got inspired and learned more about it, changes on diet, nutritional supplements and daily therapy along with good sleep habits, etc.
I am happy to report that my brother started on new diet and supplements at the end of November and he has shown an important change in terms of his energy and strength. He is now able to stand up with help and support on his knees and keep his weight body on his foot for brief time. He also started therapy in a pool and can at least do a few steps in the water. I am very hopeful that the changes directed to strengthen his immune system and reduce inflammation will allow him to achieve progress in the next few months.
I will post an update then.
Take care,