Reply To: cidp and digestive issues

July 10, 2018 at 1:25 pm

Hello fellow,
I am 66 now and have suffered from digestive issue since childhood. My digestive issues have gotten much better over the years once I studied what bothered and what helped my system. For me I need lots of fiber in my diet and never overeat, eat smaller meals and snack inbetween, eat yogurt, never drink milk [used to be lactose intolerent but may not be now but haven’t drank any milk in more than 20 years]. I was not diagnosised with CIDP until last year and get Gamunex two days every 3 weeks. I will soon be trying to go 4 weeks between treatments. The only side effect I really got was extreme fatigue for 3 to 4 days after 2nd day treatment. A few months ago i reduced my dosage by 25% and have maintained my initial symptom improvements. Since the reduction in dosage I am not as fatigued and can survive going to work after the infusions. I could not go to work on the previous dosage. My diagnosis is complicated by the fact that my nurolosist won’t rule out having also early Parkenson’s.