Reply To: Eyes shut

June 24, 2017 at 3:02 pm

GBS usually peaks in 4-6 weeks and begins to subside. Abilities begin to come back slowly after the peak and everyone recovers at a different rate. She should be able to open her eyes on her own soon, unless there is more going on than just GBS.

If her face and eyes are affected past the typical peak period, it may suggest Miller-Fisher Syndrome (something I had along with my GBS). I had breathing problems and shortness of breath, but was not on a ventilator. I had the opposite of the eye problem you wrote about, my eyes stayed open and I could not close them all the way for many months. I had to wear blindfolds to sleep for months, then a patch over my right eye (it was the last to return to almost normal).

As far as keeping her eyelids open goes, your friend might want to consider using double eyelid tape for short durations (2 hours) until her eyelid muscles return. Amazon has several types here: