Reply To: Cymbalta for nerve pain/side effects

May 25, 2017 at 4:16 pm

I still feel like hell nearly 36 hours after that one pill. My entire system feels like I’m recovering from a vodka hangover. Good thing it was only a $1.82 to fill the prescription. When the cure is worse than the ailment, it isn’t worth it.

I searched the forum and some say the effects go away after 3 weeks, while others said it always made them sleepy.

I can’t go for 3 weeks like a zombie. Some meds give you a buzz in a good way, the Cymbalta definitely gives me a bad, dopey feeling that, at least yesterday, depressed my reflexes, made me horribly tired to the point I left work early, and it darkened my mood.

I’ve never had good luck with “pain killers”. Dulling your senses rather than dulling your pain has never seemed like a reasonable path.