Reply To: subcutaneous infusions

April 25, 2017 at 9:39 pm

I had three tunneled catheters (jugular) and two PICC lines. One of the catheters was in for almost two years. I kept everything clean, often myself (learned from nurses), and never had a single infection. I’ve never heard of an infection rate as high as 26% in a non-third world country. Please post a link to the article.

Prior to the ports, I was regularly bruised, infiltrated, and painfully poked with IV needles. In addition, the tape was often stronger than my skin and I was left without skin and bleeding when they ripped off the tape. Now I only let them use paper tape. I also object to them EVER using the veins in my hands or wrists (too great a risk of injury). If I had to go back to regular IVIg or PE treatments I would only do it with a port… that is what my experience has taught me, and I was treated at a center of excellence!

My advise to those who suffer at the hands of the many “woefully trained” Nurses is to ask for a senior Phlebotomist whenever an IV needle needs to be inserted.