Reply To: CIDP pregnancy stories please

April 19, 2017 at 12:24 am

I hope you know that CIDP isn’t hereditary. You will not pass it on to your children. As far as your recovery from it goes, you have only had CIDP for a little more than a year it seems. Unfortunately the disease takes sometime to abate, if it’s going to at all. Because of the types of nerve damage that CIDP can do, many medical professionals consider the two to three year mark to be the time we will heal the most. Symptoms still present after three years may stay with us for many more years.

The good news is that newer treatments are always coming out. This forum is full of discussions about these newer treatments. There is HSCT, Rituximab, Ocrelizumab, and many more listed in these forum posts, along with links to neurology reports that cover additional treatment options.

Here is a booklet that may offer helpful info about CIDP in Teens:

Its way too early to say, and not likely, that you would get worse in the future if you were to have kids. Give yourself more time to see how you heal, maybe another year or two at least.