Reply To: Numbness related to strength

March 15, 2017 at 3:45 pm

There are many things that are still a bit of a mystery about CIDP. Exactly why it affects some people so differently is one of them.

I once had a “supporter” that came to visit me in the SNF and offer some encouraging views of my recovery. He had GBS and came away from his experience with some residuals. He told me my symptoms were not that of GBS so I must have something else. We argued about what illness I really had because his disease progress experience was so different from mine. At the time, I didn’t have as much knowledge about CIDP as I do today (thanks to all here in this forum) and just felt discouraged. It took awhile for my optimism to return.

Each of us experiences symptoms differently. Numbness in the limbs is very typical. Numbness that comes and goes and appendages that seem to “wake up” all of a sudden are not uncommon. Our doctors can only speculate as to what may be behind this. I think it’s the body trying to do repairs.

Myelin damage is usually the culprit behind our numbness. When the damage isn’t as severe (no axonal damage) some nerve signals may still be able to get through from time to time. This could be a positive sign that the myelin sheath is being rebuilt. Perhaps it’s the reason your numbness comes and goes?