Reply To: Is Flue vaccine safe after GBS

February 12, 2017 at 4:41 pm

A flu shot can trigger the immune system into producing antibodies that attack “self”. “Self” usually refers to the insulation surrounding the nerves called Myelin. When Myelin is attacked some of the nerves short out and we experience many weird symptoms. The condition can be responsible for various forms of peripheral or poly neuropathies (PN), including GBS.

My neuro recommended not getting flu shots post GBS/CIDP. Nobody knows with certainty that a flu shot will or will not trigger a new episode of the disease. My feeling is that the Flu is a lesser disease and easier to treat than GBS/CIDP. Getting the flu and being miserable for a few weeks pales in comparison to getting a recurrence of GBS/CIDP.

In my case, the risk of reactivating my CIDP, now in remission, was not warranted to me. I think it is prudent not to take the risk. But not everyone will feel the same and you must make your own decision.