Reply To: Abdominal muscle spasm and pain

February 10, 2017 at 1:13 pm

Hi. I’m 4 years out with GBS. Have you ever had any trauma to where the pain is centered? I tried to do some yardwork (very slowly) a few months after returning home from being hospitalized and I had similar pain in my rib cage. I had no idea why and was scared enough to go to Urgent Care. Nothing came of it except a prescription for pain easers.
I finally remembered that I had cracked a rib on one side playing hacky-sack several years earlier, and the same on the other side hitting a tree while sledding…30 years ago. (I’m usually a bookworm, but I do have tomboy moments.)
It has been many months since I’ve had that severe pain. I learned to stop what I’m doing at the moment and force myself to relax. Now I only get short “reminder” twinges..
That is neither advice nor a cure, it is just what I’ve done. I am very curious about why any pain would resurface after so many years. Silly molecules!