Reply To: Miller Fisher : vision double puis simple est ce normal ?

December 6, 2016 at 6:07 am

It has been exactly a year since i was diagnosed with MFS. It was a very scary time as I’m sure you will appreciate. I woke up one morning unable to stand properly and talk. At first paramedics thought I had had a stroke, but after going to hospital straightaway and given all the tests and scans the Consultant diagnosed MFS. Within 12 hrs I had got so bad I was in ITC on a breathing machine. I was in hospital for 8 weeks. It took 8 months to recover which I am told was very quick. My eyesight was the last thing to improve.For me having a prism filled on my glasses was very helpful and I was able to see very well with it. Resting was very important, as I would get exhausted very quickly which when I was, it effected my balance. I also had lots of Physio for my arms and shoulders.
All I can say is in time things do get better, Some may take longer than others. All this happened because I had a very bad chest infection, coughing violently.