Reply To: Odd side effect

October 16, 2016 at 10:41 pm

IVIg Side Effects:
It is fairly common for patients to experience headache (which can be mild to severe), stiff neck, and fever during or shortly after an infusion. This is called aseptic meningitis syndrome (AMS). These symptoms are manageable and can be minimized or prevented by infusing IVIG very slowly. Patients may often feel fatigued or flu type symptoms for a day or two after their infusion.

If the dosage of IVIg may be hard for you to tolerate, ask your doctor to have it reduced or consider SCIg as an alternative treatment. SCIg does what IVIg does treatment-wise with less possibility of AMS

If your autoimmune system is still producing antibodies that attack “self”, you may want to ask your doctor about trying Plasma Exchange (PE) treatments. This is the primary way of removing those antibodies from your system. IVIg, SCIg, and often Prednisone, will stop your autoimmune system from producing more of those antibodies, but won’t remove what’s there, that’s the job of PE.

I wish you you the best in dealing with this awful affliction.