Reply To: Negative Spinal Tap-Still CIDP?

May 30, 2016 at 12:13 am

I would suggest filing your complaint here:

They can help with improper denial or delay in settlement of a claim. Nevada is very pro-resident and I’m sure they will support your case, especially since UHC has jeopardized your health by denying treatment coverage. This could put Nevada at risk of having to pay for a portion of your health services. They may also lose tax revenues because you can’t afford to pay your full taxes if you have to pay for treatments that should have been covered by UHC.

It wouldn’t hurt to copy the State AG in an appeal/complaint letter suggesting insurance fraud or racketeering. If nothing else, it tells UHC you are serious and won’t take anymore of their guff.

UHC, a multi-billion dollar public health company, is based in Minnetonka, MN and doesn’t pay Nevada taxes. They had gross incomes of $53 billion last year!

I wish you the very best!

BTW – I’m presently fighting one of their divisions (Symphonix Health) over false and fraudulent billing practices. I’ve filed a complaint with CMS and they have recently intervened in the matter. I told Symphonix I was also going to file a complaint with the FTC if I didn’t get satisfaction.

It seems the insurance companies, who were out of control before, have gotten more out of control since the ACA was passed!