Reply To: New to the GBS community with questions

August 20, 2015 at 5:08 pm

Hi Mike and welcome!

I had the “band” thing too. I thought there was something wrong in my stomach, but later realized it was the numbness in my belly that gave me the sensation. In my case, I believe I ate something that was infected in some way and triggered the GBS. My numbness started in my belly and went up and down from there, not typical. It took several weeks before the “band” feeling began to lessen and several months for it to go away.

Hang in there and you will gradually improve. Don’t be surprised if you still have residuals a year or more out, this is a tough disease to deal with, especially if there is Myelin damage.

If you relapse, get ~3 days of Plasma Exchange followed by IVIg/SCIg. That should get your recovery back on track. I wish I had know that when I was initially stricken.

I wish you a quick recovery!