Reply To: Metal toxicity

July 20, 2015 at 10:26 pm

GH, you’re braver than I am. I was repeatedly asked by hospital staff if I had had a flu shot, was I sure I hadn’t?

Regardless of whether it is considered safe or not, I am not willing to risk a relapse. I don’t have another one of those horrors left in me.

Prior to GBS, I never got sick. Hadn’t been to the doctor in about 15 years, last had a bout of flu in the ’90s. In the past year, I have been exposed to people with colds and flu (not on purpose) and so far, so good, back to not catching bugs that are going around, so I’m not concerned about that.

As bad as flu is, at least it is short-lived and doesn’t leave you paralyzed.

I’m only speaking to my own fears and experience, not trying to sway anyone.