Reply To: IVIG reaction

April 1, 2015 at 9:02 pm

The reaction to IVIg you describe could be a mild case of Aseptic Meningitis. According to what I’ve read on-line, Aseptic Meningitis is usually caused by viruses (e.g., enterovirus) and most people can recover from it. It does have implications for treatment with IVIg. SCIg is said to be a better alternative for those with Aseptic Meningitis AND suffering from CIDP. Please see the following publications for more information:

According to many posts on the NeuroTalk forums, Plasmapheresis is the treatment of choice for those where IVIg triggers Aseptic Meningitis. SCIg is the other treatment of choice.

Perhaps you should consider getting a second opinion from a CIDP specialist?