Reply To: Blood Pressure spiking?

December 30, 2014 at 3:06 pm

My BP fluctuates too. I had high BP before CIDP (runs in my family) and was on meds for that for many years. My BP only fluctuated a little prior to CIDP, after CIDP I found a much greater range of fluctuations, especially between sitting and lying in bed (I can’t stand due to CIDP so I don’t know what that would be like).

My GBS/CIDP gave me the gift of A-Fib and I was on blood thinners until my internal system recovered from A-Fib (about 9 months). During my A-Fib period, my BP fluctuated even more, making me dizzy at times when the diastolic dropped under 60.

GBS/CIDP has been known to weaken heart muscles by causing some Myelin/nerve damage in the area surrounding the heart. A-Fib can be responsible for wide BP fluctuations. What readings are you getting for pulse? I’m normally 55 to 65, but during my A-Fib period it topped 130 at times. An EKG can usually diagnose A-Fib quickly without the need to use more aggressive diagnostics. You might want to have your doctor rule this out.

As of now my Anemia is partly responsible for my fluctuating BP. After I eat, the red blood cells concentrate around the stomach for digestion purposes. If you don’t have enough RBC’s and your body tries to distribute more to other organs (like the brain), BP drops. This happens to me several times per week. I have taken full BP readings before eating and again about an hour after and this is how I have confirmed my situation.

A simple blood test can rule-in/out RBC or WBC abnormalities that may be involved with fluctuating BP readings.

Let us know when you find the cause of your BP fluctuations. Several of us here could benefit from your findings. I hope you get it under control and feel better soon.