Reply To: Tremor

January 31, 2014 at 5:09 am

Sorry all of yall have to struggle with this in addition to everything else as well!!! I ended up having a “re”loading infusion of IVIG and it made my tremor almost go away!! that was a few months ago and i feel like it is slowly coming back again.. I should probably be getting infusions every 2 weeks instead of every 3.. but my veins were so sore all the time – my body can get so irritated with IVIG.. the veins will hurt all the way up to my neck and even in my legs (anyone else have this)?

Ebenfelte- thats great to hear a success story!!! I like the sound of it being a sign of improvement!! I bet only getting an infusion every 9 weeks was so nice!!! I can’t even imagine seeing muscle come back! I didn’t have any wasting initially, as it hit me pretty fast – i crashed within a 6 month period.. then even though I improved greatly the wasting became a little more apparent.. (from the initial damage they presume).. I crave being able to run and work out again!!! At only 33 years old, I feel like i’m waaay older!