Yearly DR’s Visit

    • Anonymous
      March 7, 2007 at 8:28 pm

      Hi everyone I had my yearly visit with my Neuro and she says there was no changes. I told about the problems I have sometimes with my hands. She told me It’s sounds like Raynaud’s Disease and some arthritis. I asked her Rheumatoid arthritis? she doesn’t know but want my family Dr to do more bloodwork. I asked her about seeing a Rheumatologist she said yes I could do that. So I will make an appointment with my family DR to ask him.
      My final question was just as I was leaving and she was with another patient. I asker her if I can get the hepatitist vaccines in case I want to go on a trip down south. She said yes didn’t see a problem but I reminded her I got my CIDP because of the flu shot.
      After my visit I went to the casino. When I got home I had a message on my answering machine from her telling me that I shouldn’t get the Hepatitist vaccine.