Waiting For Treatment

    • Anonymous
      March 1, 2007 at 10:45 am

      Hello everyone,
      I was diagnosed with CIDP on 6 days ago and was told that we would begin IVIG as soon as my insurance company approved it. Since that time I’ve experienced increased weakness,fatigue, muscle twitches, etc. My insureance company can’t find any new claims for me and the neuro office says they submitted it. I’m at a lost of what to do next. This is my second neuro and he has actually moved pretty quickly with testing and diagonosis so I don’t want to see another one. Can anyone let me know generally how long it takes from the diagnosis until treatment begins and what do you do in the meantime? I was so weak yesterday I couldn’t make it to work. I appreciate any feedback anyone can provide. Thanks!

    • Anonymous
      March 1, 2007 at 12:44 pm


      How long have you been suffering from CIDP and what kind of tests has your neuro done? Unfortunately, regarding the apporval, I really do believe its time you stepped in, and I know how exhausting it is to do this, but someone along the line is incompetent and apathetic. Will the docs office fax or send it through again? If they arent willing to do this then someone there is too lazy and the doctor or office manager needs to become involved. Obviously the sooner the IVIg is approved and started, the better for you as you should hopefully start feeling a lot better.

    • Anonymous
      March 1, 2007 at 4:13 pm

      Hi Chooks – welcome! Ali is right – it is time for you to take control of the situation and contact your neuro’s office for your written diagnosis/office notes and fax them to your insurance company yourself. I worked in doctors’ offices and know how easily things get misplaced. I also worked for insurance companies and know how things get put on the bottom of the pile on someone’s desk! Call your insurance company and find out the name of the person(s) who handle your claims. Speak with that person and explain that you are becoming symptomatic, and if treatment isn’t started ASAP it may require hospitalization. Then ask for that persons fax number and send it to their attention. You didn’t say if your neuro planned inpatient or outpatient IVIG – but the sooner you get infused, the better you will feel. It sounds as if you are beginning to get really symptomatic – don’t wait. Good luck and good health.