story of a 78 years old man

    • Anonymous
      August 27, 2006 at 11:58 pm

      last Dec., my father got numbness over 4 limbs. he went to consult the doctor, but the doctor said that may because fo mild flu age.
      in the afternoon, my brother saw him put the glass onto the table heavily. my brother asked him why, he said he can not felt his force.
      then we went to the hospital again. my father’s said the left side was a little worse, so the doctor thought he was stoke.
      he had CT scan but cannot find anything.
      the next morning , I visited him, he cannot not swallow anymore. We knew that he was very serious.
      the 3th day he got intubation. he cannot move even his eyes.
      he had IVIG therapy, and plasma change. his progress was so slow that the doctor thought that he cannot recover. he got MRSA chest infected.
      after 2 week, he had just off the ventilator, but he still need frequence suction. he did not have effort to remove the sputum.
      on the christmas eve, the doctor, wanted to transfer him to general ward. I felt so sad that, because I know that he cannot gatting better without the ICU care. in the general ward cannot effort to care a high dependent patent. i cry and cry, i begged the doctor to let him stay in ICU until he can coughing. the doctor let him stay for some more days, but if his condition become static, they should down grade the care.
      my father recovery very slow. but he recovered day by day.
      he have stayed in hospital for 4 month.
      now he can go to swimming by himself.
      thank you to all.
      my father is a hard working man, he do exercise everyday.

    • Anonymous
      August 28, 2006 at 6:39 am

      lotaitai: Thankyou for the update on your father, glad to here there has been good improvements. Keep us posted on his progress.