Ryan’s progress

    • Anonymous
      April 7, 2010 at 9:05 am

      In case some of you are new and don’t know Ryan’s story I will make a long story short: he is 21 and a college student and was dx with CIDP in DEc 2008. in a wheelchair by April 2009 and in the wheelchair ever since. Ryan has done IVIG, Plasma Pheresis, prednisone and it didnt work. Ryan started cytoxan (chemo) in Feb 9, 2010 and he has been walking with a cane for the last 4 weeks. its been amazing and exciting to watch. a little scary at times too lol.

      however, he had his appt with Dr Lewis on Monday of this week and we didnt email him about Ryan’s progress cuz Ryan wanted to suprise him. and boy was he shocked. he came out to get us and he seen Ryan and he said come on back and he almost fell over when Ryan stood up and started walking toward him. it was funny actually cuz he even said to us that he would not have thought Ryan would have made this much progress on cytoxan so fast. he just kept repeating this is so fantastic.

      He examed Ryan and tested his strength and said Ryan now has his reflexes in his arms back which he thought was a miracle in its self. Ryan overall strength has improved dramactically since Nov. He told Ryan to start making plans for the rest of his life that he believes this will put him into remission and that he probably already is but he will let Ryan finish the 6 month protocal to get its full effect. We will see him in August and then Ryan will go back to college in August too.

      It was such a wonderful appt and Ryan will probably get a EMG in Aug to document the progress. then after that if he is still doing well he will see Ryan that next year to do follow up on his progress.

      Just wanted to let you all know the exciting news. Thank you for all of the prayers and support. we will continue to update you all and follow all of your progress. I pray that everyone will find a treatment that works for them.

      Rhonda & Ryan

    • Anonymous
      April 7, 2010 at 10:23 am


      Keep progressing!

      Thanks for the update.